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Cheap ways to make any room feel bigger

Many people either live in a small home or share a house, so they only have a small space to work with. Sometimes people live in small apartments due to wanting to downsize and not have to worry about too much house and yard work. A big home means more to clean. Small is comfortable and practical.
It doesn’t matter what your reason is for living in a small area the fact is you will have to make some sacrifices with your décor items and learn to be organised to fit more inside. It is essential to arrange pieces, so it doesn’t look cramped or cluttered.

I think we all search for that cozy space. In getting that look, you need to be decorating with soft, upholstered pieces, warm tones with yellow lighting. If the room gives a cramped feeling, then consider making some décor changes to give the impression the room is larger without using any demolition tips.
With the simple use of colour, arranging décor items and adding different lighting you won’t feel so cramped.

Continue your flooring to each room

By extending the flooring throughout your home can create an open space that gives the sense of a wider area.


Dark furniture creates a cramped appearance. Open furniture creates the impression of lightness and will open small spaces. Glass furniture works well for this, and framed shelving that goes all the way up the wall does too.

Your light sources

Light can create shadows which can give off a closed in look. By using a few different light sources for the one area can give a more open look. Use white light-coloured globes, using the warm yellow tones will close you in. Having around six light sources in the one room will work well at replacing the daylight that can be dark and overcast. Have lighting reflecting off metallic surfaces open the place up more.

Using the wall

When you have a limited amount of space you are working with, you need to be thinking vertical for storage. Floating shelves work well with no ugly cluttered hooks and braces they flow on the wall. If you have a corner add wall mounted cupboards into the space to give you more storage space but without the cluttered look.

Using the same colour

You can paint everything the same shade which will open up the room and elongates the lines making everything flow. Paint the walls, door frames, window frames and skirting boards all the same colour and tone.

Using mirrors on opposite walls to the lighting

By reflecting light within a small dark room can help you to create a sense of space. Play around with different shapes and items to reflect light and see what produces the most illusion of a larger room.

There are so many options you can decide on when trying to make a room appear larger. Most times it is just about what works with how you want the room laid out and what décor items work better where. It is only about working with what items go with what colours, which merely requires you to play around with a few things until you get the wow factor you are looking for.

It is possible to add space to a small room just by letting your creativity run free.

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