importance of hotel interiors

Hotel trends and how the affect guests

Using mobile key access

Door locks are old, outdated and are not the best for security as they can be picked quite easily and quickly if you know what you are doing. Finally, hotels are changing from the worst technology to the electronic technology that allows us to unlock our doors with our smartphones. Nothing can be easy no more worries about losing that tiny little key or the card that gets bent in the bottom of your handbag or gets snapped by the kids. Let’s face it when we are out and about in a new country or town, we are fascinated by what we see, so that means the last thing on our mind is keeping track of our hotel key card.

With just a swipe of your phone, you can have quick access to your room. Several telephones can be used which allows your children who have a phone and anyone else travelling with you to access your room with your permission of course.

Tokenised payments

Most hotels have credit card data stored in the office. This can put you at risk. Data fraud is on the rise, and the threat can be right in the hotel. People are hacking into your fax and emails so people are wary of giving out this information and would rather avoid it at all costs. The automation of payments using a payment gateway is essential for the hotel’s security as well as the security of the guest’s details. Tokenised payment methods have different levels of security offering complete protection of the card data that is used.

Cybercrime is rising, and it is no longer safe to be using credit cards online. Switching more the primary online payment processors to a new and improve high-security automated online service is more critical now than it ever was.

Instant messaging

Sometimes guests get confused about what the room offers, what fees are involved or whether their payment has gone through or not. Sometimes booking online can be daunting for older people so offering an online live chat as a means of communication is essential. People don’t want to sit and be on hold for ages to ask a simple question.

There will also be an instant communication helper that plugs into the services people are already using like WhatsApp, Messenger and Twitter. Instantaneous communication benefits time sensitivity and personalised guest experiences. It allows people to communicate with the hotel when they are out and about by merely using their mobile phone.

All about the design

It doesn’t matter if you have the most prominent most luxurious hotel or whether you are a bare necessity with just the essential items your guests are going to want the hotel rooms to look good and have a comfortable feel about them. You don’t need a huge budget to give off a good indication of professional interior design; instead, you need to know what works with what.

Your design will play a huge role in defining the hotel’s personality. Guests naturally interpret hotel designs to fit in with their assumptions of what the hotel is like. This helps them to decide if the hotel is the right fit for them.

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